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Angela Costley
Founder of AAC Financial Services

About Us

We are serious about doing things right by our customers and building long term sustainable relationships.

Having worked in the corporate banking world for over a decade the most common feedback I would get from customers is ‘oh no not another relationship manager, what happened to the last one?’. This occurs because banks move staff around branches and the high staff turnover at banks creates frustration for customers as they have to teach another person all about their business.

Trust is the foundation for all finance decisions. At AAC Financial Services my mission is to be with you for the long term and ensure that it is Always About Customers. This means that when I learn your business, you will never have to deal with a different person again, and we create together a relationship built on trust.

We are about creating a future that goes beyond the initial loan and extends to being seen as a trusted partner in helping your finance structure be the best it can be.

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    At AAC Financial Services it is
Always About Customers

AAC Financial